Britney Spears Ex Jason Alexander Interview! Free Britney Movement, Hollywood Control System & More

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Today we are joined by a VERY special guest- Jason Alexander! He was infamously married to Britney Spears in Las Vegas for 55 hours before the marriage got annulled. He shares his perspective on the Free Britney movement, the conservatorship, and the Hollywood control system that could very well be manipulating Britney Spears! We’ll look at the Britney machine, the movement to free Britney, living in Hollywood, the Christian perspective on conspiracies such as Wayfair and even Flat Earth! We’ll hear what his thoughts are on the theory that Britney has a clone, MKULTRA, her potential royal bloodlines, and even news of a possible new Britney album- ORIGINAL DOLL!! Yes- the banned album with her Mona Lisa track MIGHT see the light of day! This might be one of the wildest shows to date for this podcast so strap in!

This show is a perfect link for the Free Britney Swapcast I did with Sam Tripoli, Jay Dyer, and Chrissie Mayr:

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