Road Tripping

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    MMJRecs 7 Things Drivers Need To Know About Carrying MMJ In Your Car

    Can you travel with medical marijuana in your car? The answer is yes. Carrying MMJ in your car is necessary for many MMJ patients and their carers, who need to transport their medicine from the dispensary to their home using their own car. Many MMJ patients have no other option but to carry MMJ in their car because several MMJ…

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  • MMJ law

    MMJ Recs Can I Take A Road Trip With Medical Marijuana?

    Is there anything more fun than hitting the open road for an adventure? There are so many benefits to choosing road-tripping versus other forms of travel. You can pack light and have more freedom to go wherever the journey takes you – oh, and it’s also typically a cheaper option for travelers on a budget! But can you road trip…

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