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My Name is Erwin Valderramos and I am spoken to in vision and am here to show you all for the sake of the dogs! My word is Good. Update 2-14-21 – Things have changed, goals the same but approach maybe has to differ. Firstly GREAT THANKS to all that have commented and liked, shared my videos! When I made my first dollar on YouTube I felt it was the path. I felt with hard work and sleepless nights I would be able to generate enough ad revenue to fund my shelter and avoid losing it all as I have before. Through your support, we had astronomical views and subs and well over a million minutes watched in one month alone. That month and the previous I barely slept, I uploaded every day and experienced sensory overload like no other time in my life. Had I made even a quarter of what I need monthly to fund my shelter and rehab programs I would still be restlessly taping as I did before. Unfortunately, it boiled down to a $700 payout and well, that is wonderful but realistically not enough. It actually hurt me as I had less time to visit with the shelter dogs ( Homies ) and the guilt associated with it almost drove me to go away and shut down. Take a position in another family members business and be set. But I have a passion and vision I can’t shake. I believe it can happen. My intentions are good and very good. Please if you’re able to donate anything, a dollar – it would help. I’m ashamed to be basically begging but I have 6 homeless dogs in my care with various levels of training. They come second to my customer training dogs and I want to change that. I want them to stand in the same line as the dogs who have families and love them enough to send them to us. Please, if it is of no burden to you, donate a small fraction so that we may thrive.
Cash app $erwinvalderramos 281-536-1278 thedogmessiah.com
I also am happy to and prefer to train your dog and make my dreams happen through continued hard work. The reality is, the hardest working man and woman in the world are living in poverty and I am close to it also with Hurricane Harvey, COVID closures and emergency surgery that saved my life but spawned medical bills. it is all a a blessing no matter what.

How To Raise A Cane Corso & French Bulldog The Dog Messiah Way | Be Ye Simple Minded


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