We finally got what we’ve been asking for from ROVE! They just came out with their 1:1, 2:1, & 10:1 CBD:THC pens. They taste as great as all the other pens from ROVE but now you’ll be able to “fix what ails ya”! We feel everyone can use a 1:1 pen in their life! If you know anyone that has pain, anxiety, MS, headaches, and the list goes on…GET THEM A ROVE CBD PEN! They will love you for it. Since this is vaped they’ll get the medicine into their system much faster than a capsule and it is a great supplement if they are taking only CBD capsules.

If you have questions about using this pen with current medications or just have a question about your ailment and using CBD hit us up. We do not know everything and nobody does but this is pretty much what we do so please don’t hesitate to ask.


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